Anti Doping

Doping is strictly forbidden, and the organizers of MTBO World Cup 18 are dedicated to supporting the anti-doping authorities in their work.
Doping controls may be carried out any time during the competition period. As some sites for the doping controls may be a few minutes’ drive away, we suggest that athletes are prepared at all events to take along some dry clothes to change into after their race.
Doping tests are always carried out in accordance with the procedures described in the WADA International Standard of testing. The IOF Anti-Doping Code and rules apply as of 1st February 2010.
Athletes who are selected for the doping tests must bring an official identification (with photo) to the doping test area. Accreditation cards with photo can also be used for this purpose. The athlete should also bring along their therapeutic use exemption (TUE) if applicable. In general, it is advisable that the athletes bring along their ID to all the competitions and events. Please consult