World Cup: W/M 21
There is one class for women and one for men. There are no age restrictions.
According to competition rules, the number of competitors that every Federation may enter in each individual event shall be published annually. Continue reading


There are no old orienteering maps in the area. All competition maps will be new.

Maps samples:

Long Distance

Middle Distance


Terrain Description

Middle and Long Distance

Scale: 1:15.000
Contours: 5m
Terrain description:
The Middle and Long distance area consist mainly of eucalyptus forest, with a network of wide pathways.
On the Long distance, there will be small parts of rugged and hilly Continue reading

Special Rules

All the controls will be on tracks, trails or paths.
Riding off the track, trail or path is allowed in areas marked as forest or freely rideable open area (as Forest, Open land and Rough open land – ISMTBOM 405, Continue reading

Courses and Distances

EventClassesLenght by airLenght by ideal pathClimbControlsRefreshmentsWinning times
SprintM21E4,5 Km6,7 Km190m2422'
W21E3,4 Km4,9 Km140m1922'
Middle DistanceM21E16,1 Km19,1 Km445m20 Continue reading

Training Opportunities

14th & 15th April 2018– IV CAMTBO Trophy
(Long Distance National Championships)
Grândola (120 km from Lisbon, to Southeast)

19th & 20th May 2018 – Figueira MTBO Trophy
(Sprint and Relay National Championships)
Figueira da Foz (200 Continue reading

Anti Doping

Doping is strictly forbidden, and the organizers of MTBO World Cup 18 are dedicated to supporting the anti-doping authorities in their work.
Doping controls may be carried out any time during the competition period. As some sites for the doping Continue reading

Time Keeping System

SPORTident Air+ will be used for all events with SI-Card and compatible Control Stations with extended range (1,5m).
SI cards can be rented from Organizers for €7,50/for the event (€80 deposit).

If you are not yet familiarised with the Continue reading

Embargoed Areas

Embargoed Areas from May 2017 till 31st September 2018
The areas are out of bounds for all potential participants and team members, including competitors, team leaders, coaches, doctors, escorts, and any other person who through their knowledge of the terrain Continue reading